Holster for DuraSled/DuraCase with rotating belt clip

Product Description

Maximize your hands-free capability with Socket Mobile’s holster – a convenient and secure resting place for the DuraSled/DuraCase. While you move from one job to the next, your device remains safely tucked away. With a rotating belt clip and cover, you’re equipped for maximum mobility while remaining confident that your phone’s scanner will not fall during movement. When your hands are busy, your DuraSled/DuraCase and phone remain waiting to be drawn whenever you’re ready, safe on your belt, pocket, vest, jacket, etc. 

  • Allows for securing all Socket Mobile DuraSleds/DuraCases in Holster when moving and bending over.
  • Rotating belt clip for ease of movement
  • Engineered to fit Socket Mobile DuraSled/DuraCase products.

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