SocketScan® S700 Linear Barcode Scanner

Product Description

Vend, SquareShopify and many more apps, include native support for Socket Mobile scanners.

The SocketScan S700 1D barcode scanner with Bluetooth wireless technology scans on paper or screen. It has a light-weight, ergonomic structure, and a long-lasting battery to withstand entire work days. The lights for battery, Bluetooth and scanning notifications make the scanner more intuitive to use. The S700 is designed to be software compatible with all applications. Updates on operating systems may alter the devices’ performance.

For the most reliable and consistent performance, please verify with your application provider that Socket Mobile’s latest Capture SDK was implemented in your app.

This scanner is ideal for retail POS, field service, inventory management, asset tracking and more. Use our Companion App for easy set up and configuration.


  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology - Connects easily to a wide range of Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, notebook and desktop computers
  • Certified by Apple® for iOS devices – Guaranteed Compatibility - With Capture SDK integrated in over 700+ applications, Socket Mobile scanners are one of the most natively integrated scanners available today. Socket Mobile Scanners are also 100% compatible with any application out-of-the-box in HID (keyboard emulation) mode.
  • Compatible with all Android and Windows devices and applications
  • Scanning - Reads all common 1D / linear and stacked barcodes
  • Exceptional Ergonomics - Small, lightweight, and fits perfectly in the hand for comfortable use over extended periods
  • Long-Lasting, Replaceable Battery – Power to last a full work day, up to 9 hours
  • User Indicators – Intuitive LEDs, beeps, and vibrations let users know battery, Bluetooth connection and scanning status
  • User Feedback - Audible tones and hand pulsation
  • Protective Material - Made with antimicrobial material for protection against potentially harmful bacteria
  • Color Options - Blue, green, red, white and yellow colors enable style, corporate-branding for personalization and in easy to find in varying work environments 
  • Application Integration – Socket Mobile’s Capture SDK enables integration in your applications to improve business productivity with fast, efficient and reliable data transfer over Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Wearable - Includes wrist strap. Holster, lanyard and retractable clip available (sold separately)
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA
  • Developer Support Available
  • 1-Year Warranty - Barcode Scanner
  • 90 Day Warranty - Charging Cable, Batteries, Wrist Strap


S700 includes:

  • S700 barcode scanner  (with rechargeable 2000mAh AA (LR6) NiMH x2)
  • USB Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • 1 year limited Warranty on barcode scanner

S700 with Charging Dock includes:

  • S700 barcode scanner  (with rechargeable 2000mAh AA (LR6) NiMH x2)
  • Charging Dock
  • USB Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • 1 year limited Warranty on barcode scanner and charging dock


      Scanner with Charging Dock bundle available.

      Product Documentation:
      Programming Guide for S700
      Datasheet for S700
      Datasheet for Scanner & Charging Dock Bundle
      Datasheet for Scanner & Charging Stand Bundle
      Get Started Guide
      User Guide for S700


      Download the Socket Mobile Companion App:



      More About This Product:
      Logo/Color Customization Guidelines
      Request a Demo
      Contact Sales
      Battery Information
      Global Trade Compliance
      Selection Guide
      Success Stories
      Use Cases Warranty and Copyright (updated English version)


      S700 (Blue):
      S700 ( Black):
      S700 (Green):
      S700 (Red):
      S700 (White):
      S700 (Yellow):


      Scanner & Charging Dock Bundle
      S700 (Blue) with Charging Dock (Black)
      S700 (Blue) with Charging Dock (White)
      S700 (Black) with Charging Dock (Black)
      S700 (Green) with Charging Dock (Black)
      S700 (Green) with Charging Dock (White)
      S700 (Red) with Charging Dock (Black)
      S700 (Red) with Charging Dock (White)
      S700 (White) with Charging Dock (Black)
      S700 (White) with Charging Dock (White)
      S700 (Yellow) with Charging Dock (Black)
      S700 (Yellow) with Charging Dock (White)


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